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Espio is Tobias's best friend, and anyone who knows them can understand that. To outsiders, however, it can come off as extremely bizarre, considering how often Espio seems to yell at or lecture him, especially considering how passive Tobias is and how badly the chameleon's grumpy snapping seems to affect him. Even if he worries and cringes whenever Espio goes into one of those moods, Tobias understands completely that he's just trying to help him, and tries to take Espio's advice to heart, no matter the form it's delivered in. Tobias feels completely content and safe whenever Espio's around, and just as Espio would do anything to protect him, he would give anything to protect Espio.

Strangely enough, Tobias has developed a deep crush for him, which has only served to muddle and confuse him even more -- why does he feel this way for someone pretty much his big brother? Even so, thanks to Marco's and Grell's encouragements, he confessed to Espio and (after a bit of silence) managed to get a sort of similar reply from the chameleon. Though he isn't sure if it'll work out in the end or not, Tobias is just thankful and relieved that they're at least trying, to the point that even if Espio does eventually break it off, he won't have any regrets.

Marco is pretty much everything Tobias could ever have wanted in a father, with being a phoenix to boot. He had a large hand in bringing Tobias out of his original issues, and even through his short return home, he never stopped thinking about Marco (or Espio, either). He is the only person that Tobias feels completely comfortable talking to about anything. Marco has definitely helped him out through quite a few things, and Tobias counts on him for a lot. He's one of the few whose presence alone is enough to make Tobias feel completely safe and comfortable, and he enjoys spending time with Marco.

Grell is another who had a hand in soothing Tobias originally, and he cares deeply for her as well. As far as he's concerned, she's his mother, even if she's far more interesting than the mother he remembers from back home -- back home, he never had to worry about his birth mother taking a chainsaw to one of his best friends, after all. Still, even though she definitely scares him sometimes, he isn't actually afraid of her, and while she doesn't inspire the same complete content bliss that Marco and Espio do, Tobias still feels safe around her; it's his friends that he worries about. Her response to his feelings for Espio really surprised him, and it's because of her acceptance and encouragement that Tobias isn't afraid to talk to her about most anything either.

Tobias honestly doesn't know what to think of Shadow. Espio says that he was the one who destroyed his home, but at the same time, Tobias doesn't get a bad feeling from the hedgehog. Not only that, but Shadow seems clearly fond of Maria, and she certainly doesn't seem the type to be friends with someone evil -- and he's a SeeD, too! While he feels uneasy around him, he wants to get to know Shadow better before he makes any sort of judgment. After all, in his own world, Tobias was ousted and attacked for being considered evil, and even if Espio is sure, he refuses to make the same mistake that was made to him.
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